Life Milestones


  • Cole Ryder William Lawver, born on May 22, to Brittany and Doug Lawver, proud DPC grandparents are Lynn and Derek Reid
  • Ashton Antonio Paradiso, born on May 28, to Tony and Stacy Paradiso, proud DPC grandparents are Mike and Cheryl Paradiso
  • Evan Andrew Moser, born on June 3 to Andrea and Tyler Moser, proud DPC grandparents are Joanne and Andrew Ochadlick
  • Jaxson Lee Dacey, born on June 10, to Emsley and Bryan Dacey, proud DPC grandparents are John and Lori Willingham.
  • Evan Grace DiPietro, born on June 13 to Emily and Andrew DiPietro, proud DPC grandparents are Pam and Mark Strasburg
  • Everleigh Mackenzie Walsh, born on June 17, to Ally and Michael Walsh
  • Trace Laurence Bonetta, born on August 8, to Brian and Jean Bonetta, proud DPC grandparents are Tom and Sue Haldeman
  • Leah Renee Mullin, born on August 16, to Lauren and Will Mullin, proud DPC grandparents are Bill and Holly Mullin
  • Colette Marie Vandegrift, born on August 31, to Sunny and Austin Vandegrift, proud DPC grandfather is Craig Garretson
  • Aleksandra Rose Mamedov, born August 31, to Vladimir and Natalia Mamedov, proud DPC grandparents Suren and Svetlana Mamedov
  • Declan and Finley Van Wagner, born September 1, to Ryan and Amanda Van Wagner, proud DPC grandparents are Bill and Candi Van Wagner


  • Beverly Norris, mother of Laura Engebreth on June 1
  • Wallace Smith, father of Rich Smith on June 4
  • Nancy Yerkes, wife of Bill Yerkes on June 20
  • Ernie Van Valkenburg on July 6
  • Pat Uhlig on July 7
  • Charles Mangle, husband of Phyllis Mangle on July 13
  • James McConnell, brother of Margaret Thoresen on July 19
  • George Tettemer, husband of Carol Tettemer on July 19
  • Mildred Vreeland on July 30
  • John Sexton, husband of Pauline Sexton, on August 1
  • Roald Engebreth, father of Norm Engebreth on August 3
  • Philip Waldron, husband of Joanne Waldron and father of Jennifer Drollette on August 15
  • Gina Garretson, wife of Craig Garretson on August 28