Give Today!

Our electronic giving program allows you the convenience to set up recurring or one-time contributions through your checking or savings accounts, and credit or debit card while providing much-needed donation consistency for our congregation.

Contact Linay Richards at or 215-348-3531 x 235 with any questions.

Give By Text!

DPC has another option for Electronic Giving to the General Operating Fund!

(Note: This is only available for giving with a credit card.)

· Send a text to: 833-906-2067

· Then enter the amount you want to give in the message

· Press send.

You will then receive a registration link.  (This only needs to be done once!)After registration is complete (contact and payment information), you will receive a verification text. If you want to repeat the same donation another time, you can text “repeat” or text a different amount.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Memorials, Bequests and Gifts

What does DPC mean to you?  For most of us we view DPC as part of our family.  The church is our spiritual support system throughout the many stages of life—the good and the bad.  DPC helps guide us on the journey to be close to God through our worship services, our children, youth, and adult education opportunities, our summer activities, our mission and outreach efforts and our musical ensembles and concerts.  DPC celebrates with us – celebrating births, marriages, graduations, accomplishments, and hurdles we have overcome. The church comforts us during times of disappointment, illness, and death of loved ones.  There are so many ways that DPC has touched our lives. 

How wonderful would it be for future generations to experience what DPC has to offer?  How can you help continue the legacy of DPC?  Would you consider making a planned gift to DPC to continue the legacy by taking a Leap of Faith for future generations? Our Memorials, Bequests and Gifts Fund allows you to financially support DPC’s future by designating gifts outside of our Operating Fund.

What is a Memorial Gift?  Prayerfully consider a gift in remembrance of a deceased loved one, thereby honoring that family member or friend.

What is a Bequest?  Remembering DPC in your will by designating a cash donation or percent of estate. 

What is a Gift?  It is just that, a gift designated to helping DPC to prepare for future generations to experience all that DPC has to offer.

There are several options that you can select to support by giving a gift to the MBG Fund or to our Endowment Funds:

  • Leap of Faith (to accumulate resources for enhancements or innovative programs that creatively support the mission statement of DPC)
  • Debt Reduction (to reduce the principle from the debt for our renovation and construction that concluded in 2011)
  • Mission Endowment Fund (to help secure the Mission Statement of the Doylestown Presbyterian Church)
  • Endowment Fund (to develop ways and means to address the needs and opportunities which may arise in the future)
  • Other ideas?  Please talk to Pastor John Willingham or Linay Richards

If you have any questions, please contact Linay Richards, Director of Finances and Operations

( / 215-348-3531 x 235)