Our Campus

Sanctuary Building

Constructed in 1871, the Sanctuary building (street address 127 E. Court Street) is where we come together to worship and hear God’s message through scripture, song and prayer. Our worship space is on the second floor of this building. The first level includes the Celtic Cross Room, which plays host to various events, meetings and activities, and our main choir room is located here.

Andrews Hall

Andrews Hall is located on Church Street and Mechanics St., across the street from the Sanctuary building. Built in 1940, enlarged in 1965 and renovated in 2011, Andrews Hall is home to our Church Office, Fellowship Hall and three levels of classroom and meeting space for children, youth and adult ministries.

The Bridge

The Bridge connects the second floor of the Sanctuary building with Andrews Hall’s second floor, by going above Mechanics Street. It was dedicated in 2011. It serves as an additional place of fellowship and gatherings throughout the year along with allowing safe passage between the two buildings.