Founding Fathers Unvarnished! – Free Webinar

The political backstory of our country’s founders is well known, but have you ever wondered more about their childhood or family lives? Don Applestein will call on his experience as a docent at the National Constitution Center in presenting this unique view of Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and others in Founding Fathers Unvarnished: Revolutionary Relationships.
The virtual presentation will be accessible for free via Zoom and include a Q & A session following his talk. “We typically have a compartmentalized view of people from this era from what we learn in school,” says Applestein. “This presentation will show what it was really like to live during these times.”
No pre-registration required.

at 11 am on Thursday, November 19 to join the Live Webinar. As you join in on Thursday, you’ll be asked to enter your email address followed by your name before clicking “Join Webinar” to enter.